College Football World Reacts To Old Britney Spears Video

In 2007 Georgia was able to defeat Alabama at home in thrilling overtime. 

Matthew Stafford connected on a 25-yard touchdown pass to Mikey Henderson to finish the game. T

he play in the game was spectacular absolutely nothing less than it. 

However, broadcaster ESPN's Mike Patrick stole the show, as he discussed Britney Spears during the broadcast.

Patrick stated, "I have an important question: What's Britney doing in the rest of her time?"

Todd Blackledge was confused by the question. He was unsure of what Britney his friend was talking about.

"Britney Spears,"" Patrick responded. "What do you think she's doing in her professional life?"

What made this incident amusing was that Stafford was able to throw the touchdown that won him the match to Georgia in just two seconds after the strange exchange.

The conversation is so unbelievable to many fans. actually took place in an SEC football match.