Constance Wu attempted suicide after social media backlash

Constance Wu revealed on Thursday that she had attempted suicide after suffering from the backlash from social media a couple of years ago.

"Hi everybody. I haven't been online on social media for nearly three years.

To be honest, I'm anxious, but I'm trying to dip my toes back in to let you know that I'm back and when I was away

I wrote my book entitled "Making a Scene,"" The actress who is who's 40 was quoted in a long note to her fans that was posted on Twitter.

"This next part is hard to talk about...but I was afraid of coming back on social media because I almost lost my life from it: 3 years ago

when I made careless tweets about the renewal of my TV show, it ignited outrage and internet shaming that got pretty severe," she added.

"I was terribly upset about the things I'd said and when a couple of DMs

from another Asian actress said that I'd be a burden on people in the Asian American community I felt as if I didn't deserve to exist anymore.

I felt like I was a disgrace to AsAms [Asian American] and they'd be much better off without me.