Constance Wu says she was sexually assaulted early in her career

Constance Wu says she was sexually assaulted early in her career, on a the second date she had with someone who wanted to be a writer

The actress, who is 40 is claiming in her forthcoming autobiography, 'Making a Scene' that she was able to erase the incident from her mind 

for a long time before it came flooding back in the time she found the limelight in Hollywood after filming "Crazy Rich Asians".

She spoke about her alleged rapist, whom she identified by the name of Ty within the novel, 

an excerpt from that has been published in Vanity Fair ahead of its publication on October 4 

"When Ty asked me out for a night out it was as if I was invited to the popular children tables. He was 36, and was a true New Yorker.

"Ty had a broad shoulder and was tall. He had the type of skin that you could tell he had freckles on his shoulders."

She also said that the incident allegedly involving a rape occurred on her second date with Ty 

at his house and said: "He felt me between my legs and I sluggishly moved away but he could sense my excitement. 

"He removed his pants, and then began to put the condom in - the obvious sign of sexual activity - something I was not looking forward to.