According to ChainAnalysis (analytics firm), more than 4,000 criminal related activity crypto addresses currently hold over $25 million worth of crypto.

Criminal whales represent almost 4% of all crypto whales.

The crypto addresses are somehow related to criminal activities like money laundering, drug dealing and terrorism.

In 2021, the illegal activity in the crypto industry has increased as more private funds started flowing into the industry.

With the increased numbers of illegal activity in crypto, law enforcement has discovered a new laws of seizing digital assets from criminals.

In 2021, IRS-CI seized over $3.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency from wallets that were marked as related to criminal activities.

According to ChainAnalysis, the majority of "crypto wallets" are related to stolen funds and darknet markets.

In 2021, hackers and scammers were able to steal at least $8 billion from new and inexperienced traders that just entered the industry.

The volume of funds concentrated in criminal wallets has increased after DeFi hacks, at the end of 2021.

Numerous platforms and users has became victim of various scam and exploits found in smart contracts.