Daniel Radcliffe's Al Yankovic Biopic Trailer Introduces Sex, Drugs and Madonna

Daniel Radcliffe sings his heart out in the premiere trailer of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

The trailer explores the musician's unique rise to fame beginning with his early ent husiasm for performing. 

The promotional video highlights a variety of events in the life of Yankovic (Radcliffe) as he makes one of the parodies he has ever made

gets his stage name, and is introduced to the pop icon Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood).

The viewers who pay attention are also able to glimpse a brief appearance from Yankovic himself, who appears at 2:40, dressed in a tie and suit.

As of the moment of this writing, it's not clear whom the famous singer is playing.Weird It's a mystery. 

Al Yankovic Story is expected to shed information about the singer-songwriter's career as well as reveal how he earned an enviable name for himself and his unique style in musical comedy.

Radcliffe has declared that he's taken the character of Yankovic very seriously, and he's said that he takes great satisfaction when he picks up the accordion. "