Daredevil: Born Again Star Charlie Cox on Appearing in She-Hulk 

Charlie Cox, Daredevil: Born Again's star, has spoken out about his adaptation of Matt Murdock's character in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. 

He also discussed his thoughts on whether Daredevil: Born Again would be a continuation of the Frank Miller Born Again comics. 

Although he says he doesn't know the answer, he said that the title was more 

a sign of the new beginning for the character who began his life on Netflix. 

When we asked Cox if Daredevil would follow Miller's lead, he replied "Great question, but I don't know." 

"I don’t believe it means that we’re going to tell the Frank Miller story about Born Again in comics.

It doesn't mean that. It means that the show was made, ended, and we are now making another.