DC Confirms Green Arrow Could Have Prevented His Greatest Tragedy

Of the many chapters in Green Arrow's story the loss of his friend Speedy to addiction 

to heroin is among the most gruesome and a new revelation only adds to the tragedy. 

In one of the DC anthologies, Saved By the Belle Reve (2022) There is an account that shows what was happening in their relationship

the gap in the relationship between Oliver Queen and Roy Harper was created. 

The break between them was not just Green Arrow's biggest tragedy as a father figure, but also his most infamous failing as an adolescent father character also well.

Saved By The Belle Reve is an anthology that focuses on school DC stories 

that include stories of what happens when you and the Suicide Squad pose as teachers at a prestigious college or tease Barbara Gordon

Dick Grayson's relationship through the story of what happened at their prom. 

The Green Arrow tale deals with the struggles Speedy faces in school trying to balance his studies with a growing and fascinating career in costumes as a vigilante.