Death Finally Means Something In Comics Now That Doctor Strange Is Dead

Marvel's Doctor Strange is dead, and for the first time since the series began that death in comics actually results in consequences.

It's been a while since the Sorcerer Supreme was killed by a classic villain which sent the magic community to a tizzy state and it's never fully recovered.

Then, Midnight Suns #1 reveals the huge hole that Doctor Strange's death has created in the magic community - and the newly formed team will not be enough to fill it. 

In 2021's The Death of Doctor Strange, the good doctor is killed by an unknown assassin and forces all of the Avengers

his magical companions to unite and try to find the culprit.

Further complicating matters is an older version that was Doctor Strange, a time remnant who was sent to the past to investigate his own murder.

The time remnant eventually was able to identify the perpetrator as well as resurrect the original Doctor Strange,

and defeat the Galactus-type monster who has invaded Earth during the battle. 

The problem is that the two versions are Doctor Strange died again after the battle, but this time to be for good.