Devin Booker Accused Of Cheating On Kendall Jenner At Party Where He Served Her Tequila Brand

Devin Booker has been accused of cheating on Kendall Jenner even though the couple looks more united than ever.

Followers who follow the reality show model and star are on a rollercoaster of emotions this year since they can not really know what's going on with Jenner's NBA model boyfriend.

The couple was believed to be split in the last few months of this year, but they have been spotted out and about lately enjoying a romantic evening. 

Booker is accused of "getting comfortable" and chatting with Instagram models who are behind Jenner's back.

The rumor of cheating was first reported in a post on DeuxMoi which suggested Booker was seen getting cozy with a different woman.

The gossip website posted an anonymous tip that didn't mention Jenner as the Phoenix Suns player or his famous wife, but the evidence suggests it's about them.

"A certain basketball star was seen getting cozy at a pool party last week, but not with his famous reality show girlfriend."

was the message posted anonymously in DeuxMoi's Instagram story.