Devin Booker Club Photos Reveal amid Kendall Jenner Drama

Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns' star, has been very busy in the last few months.

Booker was a regular in the news, with his team being eliminated from the NBA playoffs as well as his status with Kendall Jenner This week was no different.

Booker, who was enjoying the offseason at its peak, was seen running wild at the club. The images speak for themselves.

Booker is not the only NBA player having a wild time in the club.

For obvious reasons, recent photos of Kevin Durant doing exactly the same thing went viral.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that people are confused.

Booker and Jenner find themselves in an odd place at the moment. They split in a very public manner not too long ago.

 It was then that everyone realized the true reason behind their split. The pair were just snapped together celebrating  July 4th.

Take what you want from this. Booker is he single? Jenner and Booker are they trying to make it work.