Doc Who Said Britney Spears Had Dementia Should Be Deposed according to Lawyer

A conservatorship lawyer who is part of the "Free Britney" claimed that the doctor who claimed to diagnose Britney Spears with Alzheimer's disease 

in 2008 ought to be able to testify in front of Jamie Spears has the opportunity to testify against his daughter, as per court documents.

Although the conservatorship is over, however, there are financial issues that need to be discussed, including who pays for lawyers retained during the conservatorship. 

In the weeks leading up to a tense conservatorship hearing 

Jamie Spears has asked for Britney Spears to appear before a judge in connection with allegations she's directed at him on social media.

In an amicus brief that was filed to support Britney on Monday, attorney Lisa MacCarley said that Britney "is the last person on Earth who should be deposed in this case."

"The first person on Earth who should be deposed is Dr. James Edward Spar," MacCarley wrote. 

"After all, it is Dr. Spar's mythological declaration that placed Britney Jean Spears under the control and custody of James P. Spears, over her objections, in the first place."

Britney Spears was part of a 13-year conservatorship that granted a set of individuals such as her father the power to make her medical, personal, and financial choices.