Doja Cat loses over 200K followers after he scolds Noah Schnapp over private DMs

Doja Cat lost nearly 200K Instagram followers after announcing Noah Schnapp over a "borderline snake" leak from her DMs.

The singer has recently criticized her "Stranger Things" star for posting private messages between them and demanded that the 17-year-old connect her with her actor Joseph Quinn.

The actor uploaded a TikTok recording of their private chat, 

that showed Doja asking him on one of his Instagram messages, "Noah can u tell Joseph to [hit me up]. wait no. does he have a gf?"

Schnapp who is the character Will Byers in the hit series, replied by asking Doja to enter Quinn's DMs on Twitter or Instagram. But she couldn't locate them.

"idk his ig ior [sic] twitter. He doesn't have a DM to slide in," she wrote in response.

Schnapp replied by emailing her the hyperlink for the Instagram page.

"Right here ma'am," the man added.

A few days later she had slammed Schnapp in a later deleted TikTok live stream.

Schnapp's deleted TikTok has racked up over 4.2 million views as well as 20.9 millions views.