Doja Cat pulls an Amber Heard on TikTok

In the past, Doja Cat created a TikTok which echoes the widely-shared testimony of Amber Heard in which she claimed that her "dog stepped on a bee."

Doja began her story on TikTok by recounting the moment her dog fallen on a bee when playing outside in the grass. 

Doja said, "You know what time it is," before mimicking Amber Heard's actions and speech exactly at the moment.

Doja's love for a specific Stranger Things actor made her a popular the most popular social media user. 

Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn was the subject of an Instagram post with the caption, "Doja look how fine Joseph Quinn is."

Doja Cat may have seen the tweet as she was able to sneak into Noah's DM's to request him to get in touch with Quinn.

Schapp very luckily (or perhaps not depending on whom you would like to ask) posted his conversation with Quinn via social media.

Doja was not happy with the footage, so she was able to call Noah out for leaks of the conversation via the live stream on TikTok Live.

Noah removed the TikTok video, however it's unclear if Noah deleted it prior to or following the Live.