Donald Trump swings at Elon Musk: He's another bullsh*t artist

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, was not afraid to let Alaskans know his true feelings about Elon Musk. 

He went on to call him "another bullsh*t Artist".

When the Republican ex-president, a Republican one-term, was giving a speech to a rally in Anchorage to endorse Sara Palin, and Kelly Tshibaka,

he took to the microphone to deliver his usual speeches about "stop left wing censorship" and how Dems are restricting free speech. 

He also talked about how he is always right, how he is always right, and then he decided to talk about Tesla CEO.

Trump continued to speak with Musk, saying, "He's got his own mess... You know what, he said the previous day, 'Oh!

I've never voted as a Republican.' He told me he voted in my favor, so I was unsure. 

It's unlikely he will be buying it. He might buy it later on, but who knows? His contract is pretty bad. I reviewed his contract. It was not a good contract."

Musk wrote to the SEC on Friday, stating that he plans to withdraw from the acquisition of the social media platform because it made "false or misleading" statements.