Dua Lipa Is Unrecognizable With the New hair color, Fiery Magenta.

If there's one thing Dua Lipa is known for in addition to her amazing singing abilities and naturally fluffy, full eyebrows, it's her gorgeous dark hair.

In all honesty Dua's evolution in her hair is unique with dramatic hairstyles, designs and even shades she has truly achieved everything. So we thought...

In the course of an Instagram post posted just two hours in the past the 'Potion' artist presented a brand-new hairstyle that we've yet to see the redish/pink toned shade.

This isn't an exercise. The truth is, late-night conversations and intense emotions mixed with a tiny bit of hair coloring red is what makes a potent cocktail.

In the photo that is released as an announcement for Dua x Puma Flutur Drop 2 In the image, we can clearly witness the fiery color in the full splendor.

However, just like any major hair change one must be aware that it might not last forever. Also, this could be a hair wig.

Let's keep in mind Vanessa Hudgens' red hair transformation, which was later revealed to be a fake.

Therefore, before we leap in haste and look around the dark internet for a same-day red hair dye delivery (guilty)

You might prefer to wait for couple of more confirmations on the internet to make sure you are certain of your choice.