Dwyane Wade raps about Kobe Bryant: "Sounded like Stephen A. Smith would Rap'

You're wrong if you think Black Mamba's Rap Game reminds D-Wade a famous rapper.

Being a good basketball player is one thing. But being a skilled rap artist is another. 

There are not many guys in the NBA who can both hoop and spit bars simultaneously. Dwyane Wade's rap skills are quite good, however.

Wade teamed up with Rick Ross, a Miami rapper, and Udonis Haslem to create "Season Ticket holder," a rap track. 

The single was a huge success, with 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Wade was asked by GQ to name NBA players he believes are comparable in rapping during an exclusive interview. 

The three-time NBA champion said that Shaquille Ol'Neal and Damian Lillard are definitely on the same level.

"I don't know what I would do all the time." Wade stated that Damian Lillard is poised to become that. However, Wade noted that he still has a lot to do. 

"Shaq went Platinum, so it all depends on whether you're referring to bars, lyrics or success. Hoopers are hoopers.