Elon Musk has spoken to Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella shortly 

after announcing his intention to buy Twitter and send texts to the company.

A vast amount from Elon Musk's private tweets was released Wednesday at the Delaware Court of Chancery as part of his ongoing fight with Twitter.

Some of the texts reveal a connection among Musk with Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, set up by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Hoffman organized an interactive chat between Musk, Nadella, and himself on April 27, 

just two days following Musk revealed that he was planning to purchase Twitter at $44 billion.

Text messages from Nadella and Musk reveal the two of them setting up a telephone call, which is followed by an end-of-day text by Nadella: "thx for the call. 

We will keep in contact. We will definitely follow up on feedback from Teams! "It's not clear from the text what exactly Musk and Nadella were discussing, nor what feedback Microsoft Teams Musk may have provided.

On the same day, Musk was also asking Hoffman whether he'd be interested in investing in the idea of taking Twitter private.

Microsoft, Musk, and Hoffman have not responded immediately when approached by Insider to provide an answer outside of normal US working hours.