Elton John sings Britney Spears collaboration to shocked diners at a restaurant in Cannes 

Elton John has given a glimpse into Britney Spears's brand new track "Hold Me Closer" at an eatery located in Cannes, France.

The forthcoming re-recorded version of the British singer's hit single from 1971, "Tiny Dancer", is scheduled to be released this the 25th of August

The music icon could not resist sharing the track with customers from the French eatery La Guerite on Tuesday (23 August).

John has also live streamed the event on Instagram. 

In the clip, John appears to be walking toward the DJ in the restaurant prior to the song changing to "Hold Me Closer". 

The singer continues to sing along to the track almost in its entirety, to the delight of the patrons in the restaurant.

The song starts in Spears singing the first phrases from John's song "The One" before she changes into the well-known chorus from "Tiny Dancer".

The updated version has more of a pulsating dance beat than the original and is similar to Elton John and Dua Lipa's 2021 collaboration "Cold Heart", which incorporates John's 1972 hit song "Rocket Man".