Elvis Broke A New Record

As a further positive signal for theaters that are recuperating from the pandemic shut-down, 

Baz Luhrmann's biopic Elvis has just become the director's most-grossing film to date in North America.

It stars Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker and Austin Butler as the legendary singer

Elvis just finished its ninth week of theatrical release with $144.851 million in box office earnings. 

This is just a fraction of The Great Gatsby, his Oscar-winning 2013 film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio

which ended its release by raking in $144.84 million of ticket revenue, as per the report from Deadline.

Elvis The film, debuted in cinemas on June 24 and closed its ninth weekend on release by raking in $1.98 million in sales during those two days. 

That made it one of the top ten highest-grossing films of the weekend for first time at the #11 spot.

The film will be released in Physical UHD 4K UHD and Blu-ray releases the 13th of September.