Emilia Clarke Insulted by Foxtel CEO as a 'Short, Dumpy Girl'

Patrick Delany, the CEO of Foxtel apologized for declaring "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke 

"short and dumpy" during the "House of the Dragon" premiere in Sydney, Australia.

Delany was discussing the fact that he was late for the HBO successful series that starred Clarke as the imposing Daenerys Targaryen.

He hit a nerve when he recollected his first impression of her character "I thought,

"What's this show about with the tiny, fat girl who is walking into the flames?" he said.

Australian news site Crikey says that people were not just shocked, but one of the attendees told Crikey that "there was an exhale" following the incident. 

Another participant said, "It felt like he was hoping we would laugh however, everyone in the room was clearly shocked by the comment."

An official from the Foxtel Group, who aired "Game of Thrones" in Australia Later, the company apologized for its comment about Delany: