Emily Ratajkowski cuts her hair without any help

Yesterday, Emily took matters into her own hands via TikTok

when she decided to make another hair change after having her extensions done. 

But her 1-year-old son had other ideas.

Ratajkowski stated, "OK, we're going to the coast and I want to add some layers to my hair." 

She was filming in her bathroom wearing a red string bikini, as she cut at her hair framing her face.

"Is that insane?" After gasping, the author of "My Body" asked, "Am I being crazy?" She took the scissors to her hair and gasped.

Sylvester Apollo Bear was Ratajkowski's 41-year-old son with ex Sebastian Bear McClard.

He ran into the bathroom, cried halfway through the clip, and his mom took him to the toilet. Mom then captured the sweet moment on film.

She exclaimed, "Sly's here!" "OK, I know this man doesn't want me to record the video without him but I can’t cut my hair simultaneously so I don’t know what we’re going to do."