Eva Mendes reveals why she stopped acting

Eva Mendes is getting real about her acting career.In an interview in Variety, Mendes, 48 revealed the reason she decided to stop acting. 

She said to the publication, "I don't really miss acting. ""I became tired of fighting for the roles that I was good at," Mendes said. 

"There there was a moment when I was thinking, 'I'm going to make my own opportunities 

be a producer on items and develop my own material but it did not feel right to me. 

Mendes who is was known for her role as Sara in the 2005 film "Hitch" 

Dr. Sheila Gamble in 2010's "The Other Guys," pointed out that the world of entertainment 

had transformed a lot since the time she was auditioning in the hopes of being cast in roles.