Even Deadpool Refuses to Kill One Marvel Hero

Deadpool is among Marvel's trigger-happy characters, but Deadpool has limits that aren't crossed when he's having the most violent of mishaps. 

When he was forced to kill the other heroes from Marvel's Marvel Universe, there was one that he was unable to kill.

Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool the Merc With a Mouth has had a long and bloody life since his debut on the cover of New Mutants #98 by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld more than three decades past.

At first, he was a fairly generic '90s villain that was visually a reinterpretation that resembled Deathstroke or Spider-Man, Wade has since developed as a character and has attempted to at least be heroic. 

Deadpool has recently had a stint in X-Force and battled alongside Captain America, and even was a part of in the Avengers Unity Squad when it was headed by Rogue.

Despite this growth in morality, however, Deadpool continues to be a deadly character and isn't too concerned about safeguarding the lives of those whom he fights.

Deadpool's signature deadly style isn't without its limitations, however, and Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe Again, by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic is a novel that reveals a side of the character they didn't expect.