Ezra Miller met Warner Bros. team to discuss ‘The Flash’

Hollywood actress Ezra Miller reportedly met with members of the Warner 

leadership team to discuss saving 'The flash film which has an expected release date of June 2023. 

Fox News stated that According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller who uses the pronouns they/them and their agent

met recently together with Warners' Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy at the Burbank, California studio. 

The meeting was scheduled to ensure that the film was on track to its scheduled release date and also the opportunity to allow Miller to "apologize" for the negative media attention

Miller has been the subject of controversy over the last few months. 

Miller was arrested on several instances in Hawaii for unruly behavior and assault.

Miller issued a statement regarding their previous behavior that included a string of arrests as well as allegations of abuse in the past few months.

Miller said they're looking for medical treatment to treat "complex mental health issues."