Finland's prime minister Sanna Marin set a record in 2019 when she became the youngest premier of Finland ever. 

It's her capacity to perform some serious moves that have drawn both praise and criticism.

Leaked videos uploaded to social media this week that showed 36-year-old Marin dancing in what seems like a private event with a group of friends has caused controversy. 

The people in the videos that were uploaded on Instagram stories and include shouting about cocaine in the words of Finnish media as the Associated Press reported. 

Marin stated that the video was shot "a few weeks ago," The Guardian reported.

Opposition members have demanded Marin to undergo the test for drugs and then release the results to the public and suggest she is unsuitable for an official position like a prime minister. 

Opposition leader Riikka Purra claimed there was an "shadow of doubt" over Marin's actions.

At the press conference on held on Thursday afternoon, Marin said she had not taken drugs or drank excessively during the party. 

"I have danced, sung, celebrated, done legal things," she told reporters.