Floyd Mayweather brushed off monster blows in just seconds

Floyd Mayweather brushed off monster blows in just seconds prior to Mikuru Asakura being knocked out by

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous boxers ever and has won fifteen world championships in five weight divisions, as well as having a flawless record, which is 50-0.

After knocking MMA superstar Conor McGregor out in a cross-sport fight in 2017, "Money" has participated in a variety of exhibition matches, 

continuing the pattern by winning a knockout bout against MMA YouTuber and star Mikuru Asakura.

The widely-regarded best boxer ever and frequently referred to as the greatest defensive boxer of all time 

Mayweather was hit with a degree of circumstances in the days prior to the punch that pushed his opponent to the ground.

The glare of the lights at the stadium packed to capacity Saitama Super Arena in Japan the home of Asakura 

The opponents provided the crowd a fun spectacle which included a great first round followed by a thrilling follow-up which ended with Mayweather beating the field just seconds prior to the bell.

Mayweather, who is now 45 was a master of technique and unbeatable fitness 

throughout his time as the main aggressor, and an undisputed class over the heroic actions of Asakura.