Former NFL safety has called Lewis Cine the ultimate tone-setter

There's plenty to love regarding Minnesota Viking's first-round draft pick Lewis Cine.

A former NFL safety and present ESPN analyst Matt Bowen recently called the defensive back who is hard-hitting"the "ultimate tone-setter" for a defense.

"From a coaching perspective, I would like to have that coach. I would like him to be in my secondary room since Bowen is a tone-setter.

He's a great tone-setter" Bowen said, when interviewing the team's reporter Tatum Everett.

Cine sets the mood with his determination to take his lunchbox and get to work on each snap. The force he puts on the defensive side deserves respect from the gate.

There's a ferocity and speed in his play that immediately appears on the video.

He's not afraid to make use of your body to serve as weapon to score big points in the playing field. This is football for grown-ups at its finest.

"When you switch off the tape to observe him playing it, you feel a sense of urgency in watching his tape.

This is crucial in second-party playing," said Bowen. "Are you a priority? Do you believe that you know the answer? If you believe it, you'll go out and play. He is consistent in doing that."