Game of Thrones interest was not killed by the Finale

Some people believe that Game of Thrones was unwatchable after the ending. People say it was their favorite show. 

But, now they can't bear to watch the worst episodes knowing what happens. 

It was the most culturally significant phenomenon of our times, and no one is talking about it now!

You've probably heard it all before. We're not talking about everyone who watches NCIS or FBI on TV, but the small group of people who stream online.

Analytics firm monitors in-demand programs (their metrics combine audience ratings with online discussion). 

They found that Game of Thrones is still the most-watched show of the year in 2022.

Although it varies from month to month the most popular shows of the year are Stranger Things (and... SpongeBob SquarePants). 

Thrones is not far behind these shows, but it beats out new series like Better Call Saul or Obi-Wan.

If you take a look at illegal downloads, Game of Thrones currently ranks as the most pirated show.