Game of Thrones to change its controversial ending

Game of Thrones was a TV program that did something most films and TV programs could not: it legitimized sword-and-sorcery fantasy. 

While high culture is known to be against fantasy, Game of Thrones' Ian McShane was the one who voiced that opinion. 

The HBO series won a record 59 Emmy Awards which is more than any other drama program and launched over 100 memes. 

After the final season, fans were furious, critics were critical, and everyone left with bad taste.

It seems George R.R. Martin could be trying to correct the wrongs Game of Thrones made.

The Song of Ice and Fire author stated that the sixth installment of his fantasy series won't follow the same path as Game of Thrones in a blog post. 

The author claims that some of his book's narrative will mirror the events of Game of Thrones, though he cautions that it might not exactly match the reality.

However, The Winds of Winter will often be different from the original. 

George R.R. Martin explains that this was a result of growing differences between Game of Thrones and his book series.