Georgina Rodriguez claims that the loss of one of her twins was the "the worst moment" in her life

The model of 28 and her footballer husband Cristiano Ronaldo was 37 when their son passed away during childbirth on the 18th of April.

She's now saying she was left thinking about what she could do to "carry on" after the loss.

She credits the support of her family members for helping her through the grief.

Georgina also added that she was blessed with an "best" moment of her life because her twin sister's birth was healthy on the same day that she lost him.

The admissions were made during a preview of her coming second season on her Netflix series 'I Am Georgina'. 

The preview was which was shown to journalists at the Spanish television as well as radio festival.

Georgina stated: "Life has gifted me many things over such a small period of time.

"This year I've witnessed the most harrowing and thrilling time of my existence all in one moment.

"A huge chunk of my heart broke and I was left wondering what I could do to continue.