Gerard Butler Has The #1 Movie On Netflix 

Action hero Gerard Butler is back in his signature style in a movie that has taken the highest place on Netflix. 

In the past, the 300-star's feature projects have been a mixed bag but this one is being watched by the home-based viewers.

But, this announcement does seem like a shocker as in the beginning, when the feature, Last Seen Alive 

first was released in theaters in the beginning of June, it did not get a good reception from reviewers  

has an incredibly low rating from critics of just 11 percent according to Rotten Tomatoes. 

In Gerard Butler's new Netflix film The Law Abiding Citizen star plays Will Spann, a doting and passionate wife of Jaimie Alexander's Lisa Spann. 

When driving Lisa on her way to visit her parents' home, the couple stop at a gas station in order to refill their tanks.