German traffic watchdog claims 59,000 Tesla cars have been affected by the safety bug 

Germany's Kraftfahrt–Bundesamt traffic regulator has called on Tesla to recall over 59,000 vehicles because of a software problem.

According to Reuters, on June 29th, KBA posted a notice on their website informing Model Y and three owners that there was a problem with the eCall safety systems on these cars.

This glitch prevents the tool's ability to automatically call first responders in the case of serious accidents.

According to the KBA, the problem is affecting 59,129 vehicles worldwide, including Model Y crossovers made at the automaker’s Berlin Gigafactory.

The notice was first reported by German media on Saturday.

Three of the 11 recalls Tesla issued in 2018 were due to a software problem. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced

a recall of approximately 130,000 cars over a glitch that could have caused the infotainment systems in 2021-2022 Tesla cars' to heat up.

Tesla announced a drop in vehicle deliveries of nearly 18% on Saturday.