GTA 6 Reportedly Making Major Change From GTA 5

According to an article, Rockstar Games is set to implement a major shift to replace GTA 5 with GTA 6.

Following the announcement earlier in the year Rockstar Games has largely not been talking regarding GTA 6, not in any way that is meaningful at all. 

The time when this might change remains to be determined however, in the meantime we have fresh information about the upcoming installment of Grand Theft Auto.

In contrast to most leaks and rumors that have been reported, this latest piece of information is from a trusted source. 

According to this source, there won't be any of the characters like in the previous game.

The latest report regarding the game came via Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg. 

Utilizing Reddit the journalist plowed down the most recent GTA 6 rumor on the website and, while doing so, confirmed that the game won't feature three characters as GTA 5 did. 

You may recall that, unlike the previous GTA titles, GTA 5 did not have a sole protagonist, but rather three players could swap between in the middle of the game: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

Although Schreier dispels the rumor that there will be three protagonists the game's creator doesn't support this assertion by providing any details 

regarding whether the gameplay will be returning to a single protagonist or will have an additional number of protagonists like 4 or 2 or 77. 

We've been told that the game will feature one female protagonist, and some rumors suggest that there to be two characters. two siblings.