Gwyneth Paltrow hurt people and 'betrayed' herself in an honest article

Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted to having "hurt the people she loves" in the past and "betrayed" herself in an open essay to celebrate her 50th birthday. 

The "Sliding Doors" actress will celebrate her birthday on the 27th of September and is deciding to reflect on her past in a personal letter in support of Goop.

Goop lifestyle brand, in which she reflected on her mistakes in the past and pledged to take lessons from them and make amends in future challenges in the future.

She stated: "I have hurt people in the past, not deliberately however, I've done it in the same way. 

I've been a disappointment to people in not being the person they wanted to be. I've lied to myself in order to keep the peace.

"'I have crossed boundaries and my thoughts sometimes take me out of sleep and lull me into the darkness of guilt for an entire, dark night.

I regret it, and often, I've not spoken up to avoid the perceived repercussion of hurting someone else. break us all.

"Gwyneth was able to elaborate that most of her errors were caused by her was scared to speak up for herself. 

She added: "My most lasting mistakes and the mess that came with them been the result of my failure to speak the truth of my experience and speaking it out whatever the circumstances.