Hailey Bieber Accused of Damage Control Prior to Selena Gomez Documentary

Hailey Bieber's decision to speak what she believes to be the "truth" regarding rumors that her spouse, Justin Bieber,

cheated on Selena Gomez with her has been criticized as taking care to minimize the damage.

In the latest episode on the Call Her Daddy podcast, which is scheduled to release next Wednesday 

Hailey Bieber, 25 is seen talking about her love affair with the pop superstar Justin Bieber, 28, whom she has married since 2018.

How is getting married to someone with the same fame and status affected your self-image?"

the host Alexandra Cooper asked the model the model, prompting her to answer: "Where do I start?"

The 55-second trailer was then cut into a discussion of the possibility that her romance to Justin Bieber overlapped with his and Gomez's romantic relationship.

Gomez 30, along with Justin Bieber were first romantically together in the year 2010 and continued to enjoy an off-and-on relationship for a period of years, before cutting ties permanently in March 2018.