Halle Berry drives fans in gorgeous lacy mini-dress

The X-Men actress arrived in a black lace mini-dress.

It was cut just below her legs. This allowed the Hollywood star to show off her toned pins.

The thumbnail of a clip she shared from her show shows her sitting with her legs crossed.

This allowed fans to see the gorgeous pair of strappy heels she had chosen for her look.

The clip didn't focus on Halle's show-stealing look, but rather the many iconic roles she has played throughout her career.

She was asked to name some of her roles, such as Jinx or Catwoman from Die Another Day.

Although she said she "sucked", she still did well. Another shared the following: "It's still so beautiful.

We are grateful for all of them. A third wrote: "You are the most sexy actor in the world @halleberrythe Queen.

Many others also shared memories of Halle Berry's favorite movies, such as Monster Ball and Gothika.