Singer Halsey is not feeling the best regard for her overall health.

According to Page Six, the `Controlstar recently suffered from food poisoning while performing on the "Love and Power" tour in the UK.

Halsey uses the pronouns she/them and revealed that the symptoms struck her the day before she was due to perform at the Leeds portion in the duo-part Reading in Leeds and Leeds Festivals.

No clue how I'm still healthy following my Leeds performance. 

I'm suffering from horrible food poisoning and I'm still sick! It began yesterday at 2 pm, and I somehow was able to get onto the stage Halsey wrote. 

The pop star also said that, even though they had performed in "messed circumstances" prior to this

the experience of fighting off food poisoning while performing "might be the most difficult in recent memories.

I felt as if I was in the orbit of Jupiter all the time. 

"Halsey hasn't been shy about sharing the details of their battles with chronic ailments.