Harley Quinn Proved Superman's Glasses Disguise Actually Works

The long-running Superman debate was finally resolved with Harley Quinn confirming that the costume of the hero does actually work. 

Harley discovered the value of glasses can be when you want to be hidden from the midst of sight. 

Despite Superman being an alien who guards Earth by using his numerous abilities 

derived from the yellow rays of the sun One of the most controversial aspects of his character can be the Clark Kent identity. 

With just a pair of glasses and some superficial details, Superman manages to fool the world by slipping into their Clark Kent disguise. 

While it's not often discussed in the comics, it has been a source of contention in the real world, with many fans doubting that the trick actually works. 

It appears too simple that glasses can be fooled by Clark's most trusted friends and associates.

That, however, picking up the glasses and presenting a fake identity isn't limited to Superman the most famous troublemaker found out on an excursion to a suitable DC place. 

in Harley Quinn #14 by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson, the eponymous character as well as Poison Ivy takes an excursion to Superman's home city of Metropolis.