Harvard expert says Mark Zuckerberg is leading Meta to failure

Senior fellow at Harvard Business School Bill George believes Mark Zuckerberg "really lost it" and is slowly leading his company, Meta, to failure. 

These comments were made by George while talking to CNBC about True North: Leading Authentically Today's Workplace. Emerging Leader Edition.

George is a former CEO of a medical technology company and has spent the past two decades studying leadership failures at work.

His most recent book is a collection of his research. He has discovered that leaders who lose sight or purpose in their values and purpose can fail to lead. 

History also shows that Zuckerberg is responsible for the creation of Facebook and the rise of the social media industry we know today.

Zuckerberg, a college sophomore, founded Facebook and has since grown the site into a tech giant valued at $450 billion.

He also oversaw the company's transformation towards the building of the supposedly next great thing on the internet, called the Metaverse.

The year 2022 was not a great year for the metaverse or all of those who jumped in that year. 

Meta, Zuckerberg's rebranded business, has spent billions on creating a future that no one seems excited about.