Alastair Clarkson, a four-time AFL premiership coach, has been closely linked to the Bombers' head coaching role in the past few days. 

However, a Hawks great has exposed the depth of Clarkson's hatred for Essendon 

since Clarkson stepped down from Hawthorn last year after 16 years.

Rumors quickly spread that Ben Rutten, Essendon's coach, was in danger after Sunday's 84-point defeat to Port Adelaide.

After a turbulent 43-game tenure, Clarkson's win-loss record at the club is 17-26.

The Bombers are now expected to finish 2022 in 15th place after finishing the finals last year. 

It is only natural that Essendon would consider pursuing Clarkson, who transformed Hawthorn into a premiership-winning side.

Breton said to the Herald Sun, "Put it that way, I know Ian Robson (former Hawks CEO), 

a lot better then Clarko (Clarkson), and he will tell y when he ended-up going to Essendon in 2009 (in 2009), he got a phone call."