Henry Cavill as Marvel's Captain Britain

Marvel fans are known for their creativity and their art. Except in the case of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel drawing,

which went a bit too far, but overall Marvel's fanbase is full of innovative and refreshing ideas.

Henry Cavill fan and MCU follower has reimagined The Witcher's star as Captain Britain. The vibrantly colored piece can be viewed above. 

A user using the handle @Subi.Ozil shared his idea on Instagram of what Henry Cavill might look like if he donned the suit to become Captain Britain.

The actor's eyes are luminous blue, matching the Excalibur colors in this colorful artwork. 

To make sure that no one was misled by this art, the artist added a Marvel Studios logo with Captain Britain's title at the bottom.

Although it is exciting to imagine Henry Cavill joining Marvel as a producer, it will be difficult to sell since the actor has been DCEU's Superman's face for nearly a decade.

Cavill began 2013's Man of Steel by hard at work. He has since been busy with three follow-up features, where he played the role of Clark Kent.

There are still questions about Cavill's return to DC films. It is possible that he will leave his superhero role and accept another one, given the questions.