Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky Sued for $10 Million After Allegedly Lying About Weight Loss Gum

Wayne Gretzky, a hockey legend, is being sued by a gum manufacturer for millions. 

He claims that Wayne lied about the benefits of his OMG Gum. 

His wife asked Wayne to support OMG Gum and he allegedly claimed he had lost 35 pounds. 

Janet stated that OMG Gum helped him lose 35 lbs in just six to eight weeks. Janet also repeated the statement, according to the filing. 

Sparks and other investors provided more funding for BuChew's parent company BuChew because of the weight loss claim.

Wayne, however, allegedly admitted that the claim was false in 2020.

"The statement that Wayne had 'lost 35 pounds' According to the filing, "The statement that Wayne had "lost 35 lbs.' 

was the motivation for Sparks and other shareholders [to invest in and/or reinvest in BuChew by either providing capital investments/or services."