House of the Dragon's Internalized Misogyny Is the Show's Ultimate Enemy

As the season premiere of House of the Dragon continues to progress and get more intense

it's clear that in spite of having been designated Viserys her heir and heir, the road to power is filled with enemies trying to get their shot to the Iron Throne. 

But, the show is not shy about examining the biggest threat to Rhaenyra which is the internalized misogyny in Westeros.

Rhaenyra is the obvious character, but it's a secret that sexual relations are a bit tangled.

In the past, prior to Rhaenyra being declared Viserys as the successor The idea was fiercely decried by former people 

on the Small Council like Lord Lyonel Strong who expressed overwhelming concerns about breaking generations of precedents concerning succession.

However, once Rhaenyra is declared the heir to the kingdom, her most openly contested rivals have been shown to be female.

House of the Dragons hasn't been shy about describing the physical damage women suffer and the physical harm they suffer,

but it has taken time to explore the ways that women in control are the most ferocious adversaries to their peers. 

One of the most prominent examples is Rhaenys Targaryen who continuously is a target for Rhaenyra for not having an opportunity she was not granted.