Marvel Confirms How Professor X is Completely Wasting the X-Men's Power

For a long time the professor X was a role model of instruction as he taught the X-Men to utilize their abilities to fight,

however there could be a better application for their skills rather than fighting.

Being an X-Men in Marvel's Marvel Universe can be terrifying.

There are many instances of teens who display bizarre abilities that are beyond their control and X-Men coming in to rescue

the mutants from an angry mob that is determined to punish the mutants for being who they are.

In these stories the Professor X is often seen as a teacher who helps mutants how to harness their talents and then eventually become part of the X-Men to fight mutants who seek to destroy society.

However, in Damage Control #1 by Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Will Robson an entirely different aspect of mutants' capabilities is revealed.

This issue features a young intern in Damage Control's office company Damage Control is tasked with transporting mail.

He's in a hurry, consequently Nightcrawler assists him tremendously by teleporting him to within the facility to hand out packages.