How Rich was 'Godfather' actor James Caan Upon His Death at the age of 82?

American actor James Caan, best known for his part in the television show "The Godfather," died on the 6th of July 2022 in the age group of 82.

His net worth was of around $20 million according to numerous sources, such as Celebrity Net Worth.

You may be surprised to find out that Caan at first earned only $35,000 for his part on "The Godfather" in 1971.

The film went on to be the highest-grossing 26th film on the planet, earning 135 million dollars at the box office.

If inflation is adjusted it would have been greater than 711 million dollars in 2019 dollars According to CBSNews.

But those first earnings set the stage for an endless stream of income that is reinvested through royalty payments to Caan.

Celebrity Net Worth noted that court documents show Caan making 1 million in royalties in 2015 and $140,000 per year from the holiday classic "Elf."

Caan has been divorced and married four times . He is survived by five children.

The family of the legendary actor shared the news about his death via Caan's Twitter account.