Hugh Jackman Had A Two-Word Response When Ryan Reynolds Made His Big Deadpool 3 Announcement

The most significant film news of the week is in the sense that, 

not only has Deadpool 3 have an official release date and a release date, but Ryan Reynolds has just about the most powerful co-star. 

Hugh Jackman will return to the role of Wolverine the role we thought that he had gotten rid of.

The fans are squealing however the overall tone of the announcement about Jackman's participation was very unassuming, even the moment that Jackman himself announced the announcement on his Instagram.

Hugh Jackman's Instagram posted the exact video Ryan Reynolds did to make the announcement. 

The video also included the exact words Jackman utilizes in the clip in order to make the decision to be Wolverine.

This is actually the most appropriate reaction because those who watched this first didn't be able to discern what Jackman was talking about until the very end. 

Jackman and Reynolds fight regularly in social networks so watching the video might not suggest that anything was going on. 

Jackman declaring "Yeah, sure" could be just a sarcastic reaction to what Reynolds mentions at the conclusion in the film.