Hugh Jackman Responds to Michelle Williams Saying She Wants to Be in a Greatest Showman Sequel 

Michelle Williams isn't the only one who wants Greatest Showman Sequel 

Hugh Jackman is responding to the comments that Michelle Williams wants to do a sequel to The Greatest Showman! 

Hugh Jackman is also sharing his feelings on a  sequel of The Greatest Showman

Listen, if you know anything about my filmography, you'd know I'm totally against sequels 

In every shape or form. No more than nine films!" Jackman said 

That movie brought so much joy to so many people and made people happy 

Hugh Jackman opened up while attending the 2022 Tony Awards nominees event Thursday in New York City 

Hugh Jackman joined the event with Sutton Foster and Jayne Houdyshell.  

The three of them are all nominated for their performances