Humans Are Descended From Sharks, Scientists Reveal

Scientists have found evidence that suggests an ancient shark that had spines that were paired and bony armor could be the earliest human ancestral ancestor.

This Paleozoic fossil was found in an area situated in Shiqian County in Guizhou Province, South China. 

With the discovery, researchers have been able to recognize that humans are sharks.

The specimen is called Fanjingshania renovate, in reference to Fanjingshan, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fanjingshan. 

A strange fish with boney armor and spines that are paired which is different from any other fish that scientists have seen to date.

Sharks that are humans are an example of recent discoveries that stunned scientists and may bring us closer to the ocean for life.

The discovery that humans could be sharks' descendants is hilarious, 

especially when you consider that just a few years time ago Florida holidaymakers were astonished when three sharks appeared over Memorial Day weekend.

Video of the incident shows people not reacting with fear but simply joy and shock.