Sylvester Stallone will showcase his super-muscles with a new movie

It's a way of saying that you may have supernatural abilities at first, but then suddenly things don't turn out as planned. 

Then comes the tragedy. Superhero declares, "Enough saving society." 

He hides behind a trashman for 25 years, and can't save himself. It's then back to the hero stuff.

"I'm a tough guy. I'm a natural talent for action movies with a heart. These people don't seem to be invincible. 

They can even die. How can you support Superman, who is bulletproof? They aren't. They are everyday people.

"Like Superman is your neighbor, but also a vampire. You'd say, "Really? He looked like us.'

"It's timely because we're going through upheaval. Everyone disagrees. Cities became dispersed and badness is in. And I kind of led the way.

Sly, 76 years old, is still a buff. He's very sly about the physical scenes. He will blend in. "No taking off of my shirt."