Inappropriate Outfits Worn By Blackpink Members

It's not a surprise there's no doubt that it's no secret that the K-Pop universe is rife with rules and rules.

According to CNN, K-Pop singers are typically under strict contractual obligations that can even regulate aspects of their private lives. 

This is especially applicable to Blackpink's members. Blackpink which are subject to strict restrictions on its conduct. 

Rolling Stone has reported that the entertainment company YG Entertainment prohibits band members 

Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, Lalisa "Lisa" Manobal, and Roseanne "Rose" Park from activities like "dating driving, dating, as well as drinking." 

The reason for these rules is reportedly to prevent Blackpink from generating negative media attention. 

Unfortunately, however, these intense restrictions haven't managed to keep Blackpink's name away from controversy. 

Due to their international status as a well-known girl group, Blackpink has drawn the media attention of outlets around the world. 

In many instances, the group has created controversy by failing to satisfy fans from different cultures.